Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Last week we had our Thanksgiving Interactive Dinner for our homeschool co-op. Each family is put into a group and we are given a letter of the word "Thanksgiving." Then you are left to your imagination to make your letter shine! We were to start off the night, with the letter "T" We decided to do "Tips for Trimming Fat."

The Balts and the Lucases were in our group. Matt is the announcer, Tracie is a dancer from the 80s, Kim is Vanna White, Tim is...well you'll see, Jeremy is the Hulk, and I'm a tired Mom.

Gracie is thankful for- mommy, daddy, Jesus, gamma, papa, nanny, and papaw

Piper is thankful for Mary.... "Who's Mary?," I asked.... She said, "Jesus' mommy"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 Months

Baby Reese is three months old!
She is such a sweet little one! Cooing up a storm. Eating and sleeping like a champ.
And she has found her thumb. Which I personally think is adorable.

Strike Two

So Monday was Piper's dance recital. She was super excited all morning. All the family was there to see her dance.
And then we pull up to the church. She starts crying. "I don't want to dance."
And. so. she. didn't.
Strike Two.
I have two retired ballerinas.
You'd never know from the pictures she was such a turkey, huh?


Guess what we've been doing????

Oh yes! Abbie is tying the knot!!

She and Eric got engaged two weeks ago and we haven't wasted any time planning a wedding:)

Last Looper girl taken:) Well, I think Dad might have had to beg him to take her. Kidding, kidding.

Wedding in July

Trick or Treating

Our little flower...

Our favorite place to trick or treat...The Pearsons
Reese ate while everyone else got candy


We had our annual halloween festivities over at the Scurlocks
Rachel the princess, Sydney the Indian, Pipes the cheerleader, Jackson as Davy Crockett, and Ellie and Gracie as cheerleaders

Piper and Sippy
Ellie and Gracie
Daddy with his biggest cheerleaders...besides me:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Girls

Oh how I love these three....

Sisterhood is such a gift

The Farm

Gracie and Piper were able to go to CJ,Avery, and Sarah Evelyn's birthday party at the Elliot's farm. These are all friends from our church.

The Elliot's farm is so neat.. I love farm life
They have several animals of course:) This is a hedgehog. Their oldest daughter breeds and raises them

One of their goats who was totally happy eating leaves out of the kids hands. Gracie and Piper wouldn't get close to him though
Of course Piper loved the horse and wanted to ride her:) She's 25 years old!
They have 4 hens, fresh eggs daily

Sadly, I don't have pictures of all the kids. They were going in a million different directions:)