Friday, October 30, 2009

Losing my mind

Gracie came in my bathroom the other morning and gave me this paper....
I asked her what it was for. She said, "Well, since you are losing your mind, I thought it might help you with my school." :)

How sweet of her to try and help me order my days! Ha ha. Guess I should quit saying Im losing my mind. But then again, I am.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Amazing!!! Read it and rejoice!

Here's where you can see the latest short video
report from the front lines of the 40 Days for Life
in Charlotte, North Carolina:

During the brief video, you'll hear from Protestants,
Catholics, a maternity home director, and you'll get
to meet Andrea -- a wonderful post-abortive woman
who, two years ago, helped us recognize that 40 Days
for Life was supposed to be a national effort.

You will really be inspired by this one:

(If you have trouble watching the videos or posting
comments on our blog page, you can see all the video
reports and post your thoughts directly on YouTube
at: )

Now for the BIG NEWS!

In the last few hours, 40 Days for Life reached a
major milestone, and I had to share it with you!

Through the grace and mercy of God -- and the
faithful prayers and fasting of well over 200,000
people standing vigil outside abortion facilities
-- an incredible miracle has taken place.

Starting with the first-ever 40 Days for Life
campaign in Bryan/College Station, Texas in 2004, and
continuing through the international 40 Days for Life
effort that is under way this fall, we now have
received cumulative reports of ...

... OVER 2,000 BABIES whose lives have been saved
from the tragedy of abortion!

Who knows what wonders each of these children will
bring to the world!

Two thousand children would be enough to fill at
least 80 classrooms. Two thousand children would be
enough to make up 180 teams of little soccer players
-- and just as importantly, 180 teams of soccer moms
-- women who will enjoy watching their children run
and jump and shout, blessings they would have never
known if they had fallen for the lies that are so
often disguised by the rhetoric of "choice."

Here's the story of just one of those 2,000 lives.

It was a stormy day at the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Bakersfield, California. Yet people ignored the wind
and rain as they stood and prayed outside the
abortion center.

A young woman from outside the Bakersfield area soon
arrived at the clinic for an abortion appointment.
She was already stressed out; the drive across the
mountains and through the storm left her in no mood
to listen to the Christians on the sidewalk.

She looked at the group, shouted profanities, and
told the vigil participants to leave her alone. One
of the people on the sidewalk told her that if she
thought the sky was dark, it was nothing compared to
the darkness abortion could bring into her life.

She ignored the words and walked in.

But the "simple procedure" she had come for turned
out not to be so simple -- and she might not be able
to have the abortion that day. She had come for the
abortion pill, but the staff said she lived too far
away to return to the clinic if any complications

When she learned that, she became even angrier at the
people praying out on the sidewalk -- she even went
back out to yell at them several times. Finally,
after she realized there would be no abortion, she
gave up and left the clinic.

But on her way out, the prayer supporters on the
sidewalk offered to pray with her. As they did, the
sun suddenly broke through the clouds and the sky
instantly became bright.

It was like a new day.

The vigil participants explained the situation to
Terri, one of the counselors, who helped arrange an
appointment for an ultrasound at the pro-life
pregnancy help center.

Terri could tell that the ultrasound had a
significant impact on the young woman. "I knew that
it was a good sign when I heard her talking to her
baby," she said.

After the ultrasound, Terri and the woman hurried
back to the vigil site. Bursting with joy, the woman
showed the prayer supporters the ultrasound picture
of the baby she had intended to abort, exclaiming
"your Jesus heard your prayers!"

To see some of the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers
in Bakersfield -- along with the young woman holding
the ultrasound image of her baby -- go to:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Months

Two months old...already!

Our little pumpkin is such a joy! She is smiling tons, has rolled over twice in her crib, and sleeps through the night like a champ! Actually, she's been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks but I was too scared to post it that soon:) You know as soon as you post something it changes:)

She's well over 10 lbs now and I think about 23 inches long. She's too long for her 0-3 month clothes!

We have been transitioning her very slowly to the goat milk formula and she is doing pretty well with that. A little constipation but we're getting there. She is a little bit of a spitter but nothing like Piper was!

The girls are still madly in love with her and like to feed her and hold her. This picture doesn't do it justice, but Reese is so comfortably curled up in Gracie's lap.

The girls have been affected by adding a new sibling far more than I realized. They are struggling each in different ways, Piper way more than Gracie. She is demanding our attention and has started peeing in her pants constantly and getting into everything! Stinker. It has been challenging. They are requiring lots more training and tons more loving. God's grace has been much needed in our home.

So you are now caught up on our life!! Yahoo!! Well, after you reading the 50 posts I just put below:) Well, maybe not fifty, but close:)

40 Days for Life

It's time again for the 40 Days for Life campaign.
This is an opportunity to go out to abortion clinics to pray and intervene on behalf of these innocent babies who are being murdered. If you aren't sure what I am talking about, go to their website and click on the abortion label on the left side of my blog.

I had the opportunity to go out to the clinic this past week with two friends and all of our kids

This little shirt says it all
The clinic has gotten really strict with prolifers because we are hurting their business! Praise God!

You can't get on the grass in front of this sign or they will call the cops and have you arrested. And yes, I am serious. Just for praying and talking to people peacefully.
Here are some of the materials that are handed out to people going in.

Kim and Cindy outside the clinic. It's so hard to smile out here. But God's grace and love are real. We want to demonstrate God's love and grace to these hurting men and women.

I left the picture out accidentally, but there is a security guard that parks his SUV right in the parking lot where we are standing. He sits out there and play the most offensive music I have ever heard. It's blaring. Why? So they women inside are less likely to change their minds due to the appeals of people standing outside advocating for their unborn children.
Luckily, I had my iphone with me so we listened to my ipod instead of his music.

Do you see how much satan is at work? Please get out to a clinic near you and pray! You don't have to confront people, just be there in peaceful protest for these innocent little ones who are being dismembered right inside those doors. Many times you don't even realize you just drove by an abortion clinic. Just look it up in your phonebook or google it. Unfortunately, they are very easy to find. 40 Days continues through the first week of November. So get out there! We are God's human rights group, the church!

Lives are being changed. There have been several saves in Charlotte already! The other day, they had five!! That's so exciting!! Babies were rescued and so were moms and dads. I don't know a single woman that has had an abortion and hasn't regretted it. And many dads regret it as well. The other day there was a dad down on his knees outside of the clinic begging his girlfriend not to go inside. We need to be there interceding for these people.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Grab a cup of joe or a glass of wine....It's going to take you a while to read all the new posts:) I am almost caught up!

Life has been so very full these past few months. We are learning and growing in our parenting and our marriage so we have been busy. Having a third child has really turned the Gibson house upside down! Don't get me wrong, we love it!, but it's been hard. My day to day life is completely different. I know you moms know what I am talking about. There's so much more to do in the same amount of time. And add homeschooling, Jeremy's busy schedule at work, and a major trial we are helping our dear friends work through...and you have a full life. God's grace is sufficient to help us and we are thankful that His mercies are new every morning.

I just turned 30 and I wanted to write a post about what God has been teaching me. But I can't seem to sit down and write it with everything going on, so I am going to do a condensed version.
The past few years have been full of circumstances the Lord has used to show me my weaknesses and my need for Him. He is teaching me to trust Him with everything. It's been hard but so so good. He has also taught me that my life is not my own. Nope, it's not mine. I have been bought with a price and I am called to glorify Him with my all. So that means surrendering everything. My job as a wife, my mothering and our finances. I am so tempted to do things on my own, in my own strength. But God is breaking me of that little by little. So as I was sitting in a women's meeting a couple of weeks ago I feel like God said, "Your life is not your own. I have brought you to this place of seeing this truth and now I am going to show you what your new life looks like." So I feel like this is going to be a big year of God teaching and showing me what it means to lay down my life for Him and for my family. I look forward to it.

If you think about it, can you please pray for us? I don't normally do this on my blog because that's not what it's intended for, but we are in serious spiritual warfare with some friends over their marriage. It has been a heartbreaking, humbling journey and we are just beginning to scratch the surface. There is so much pain to dig into. So much confusion and hurt. Sometimes I want to throw up my hands and shout, "God where are you???" But I know He's here and that He's working, for good. For this couple and for all of us. So please, please pray for this situation. We really appreciate it.

So onto what we've been up to:)

Apple Hill Orchard

Last week we made our annual trip to Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton, NC.
It was pouring rain and cold at home but just an hour and a half away, there was not a cloud in the sky!

The girls in their wagon...Ellie, Rhiannon, Gracie, and Pipes
Up, Up, Up the hill we went
This work is hard!
Okay, go pick! We picked Winesaps, Romes, and Figis
The girls were really into it
Yummy! The trees were full!

Oh she's so scrumptious!
Rhiannon and Grace

And these boys are delicious!

Looks like we practice child labor:)
Gracie was quite the little picker
Ms. Lucas had to help Piper a little
We finished off the day with apple slushies! They are soooo good!
And the annual Picture in front of the apple. My they are growing!

The Buddy Walk

On October 4th, we had the privilege of walking in The Buddy Walk. It is sponsored by the Down's Syndrome association. And it's a day to raise money for this great cause. We have not one but two friends with girls that have Down's. And they are precious! Emma and Maggie

Here are the kiddos getting ready to walk. Lucas, Jackson, Rachel, Piper, and Gracie
Here is the sea of people walking at beautiful Freedom Park
Piper, Emma, and Ellie
I just love this picture. This is Emma Lou (no that's not her name, I just call her that:))
And this one too. This is Mags, well Maggie but I like to call them my own names:)
And this one three. Lisa and Sydney looking at pictures
This is the Scurlock clan.
Danny and Maggie walking
Here we go!
Daddy and Emma. Emma had a ball!
This is the deal! Gracie can feed Reese for us and it's such a huge help.
The Gibson crew

It was a good day for Emma's Ambassadors and Maggie's Mission

Why I blog

At least one of the reasons....

Remember forever ago when I told you, you could download your blog into a book?
Well, I started this one last March and got 99% of it done that weekend. I finally ordered it last in June and just kept forgetting to take pictures of it for you.

So here it is...

I did one year in this one and I think I'll continue that. This book far exceeded by expectations! It looks awesome! It's the nicest one I've seen as far as clarity of pictures and what you can do with it.
Best news....It was only $65!!!!

The girls love looking at it! Piper literally looks at it everyday. More good news, if it gets ruined, I can just order another one!

I made this book on Blurb

Birthday Part 2

Jeremy bought me this necklace for my birthday... I love it so much I just had to share it!
I bought my friend Amanda one and have been coveting it since:) So J got me my own:) The three crystals are their birthstones. Isn't it neat how they all match?
While I was away at the Biltmore, Jeremy and the girls made this precious cake for me! They went to the store together and picked everything out. And it was yummy:) They were so very proud.

The BIG 30

On October 3rd I turned the BIG 30!

Jeremy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I thought about it for a day or two and asked for a day at the Biltmore with some girlfriends. He was happy to grant my wish so off we went to one of the most magical places!

I've never been before! I know, can you believe that? I simply can't imagine living in a house that big. You would think they were giants since everything is so grand. I would feel like a little mouse in there!

They said they built the house so big because they did lots of entertaining. Wow! That takes hospitality to a while new level!
I thought, well they must have had tons of kids. But no, they only had one! One kid! For all this space.

Here we are at the front entrance to the mansion getting ready to go in...
Cindy, Lisa, Michelle, me, Tracie, and Kim

The house was really crowded when we were there. So it took us a good while to go through it. Here are some pics of us out on one of the side terraces.
Michelle and I

Lisa, Michelle, and Cindy

Okay, this picture has history:) It's Kim and I, dressed alike, as usual! The girls had fun picking on us. What can we say? We like the same stores and we often shop together. Typically, we don't mean to buy the same thing. One of us wears something and the other says, "Hmmm, I have that shirt too." And yes, I do have that shirt that she has on too:)

The architecture is amazing. Nothing, I mean nothing was left out when designing and building this home.
The front entrance. Sounds silly saying the front door:)

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.
On the front lawn

After we toured the house we spent some time on the grounds...
This is the side of the house
We had lunch in the stables. The actual stables, everything is original. Behind Michelle's head is the hay thingy the horses ate out of.
This is the conservatory. The girls loved all the flowers and English Gardens. Me, I like nice, clean lines. Not the chaos of an english garden. I know, I'm all alone on that one:)

Last stop....the winery. It was a fun way to end the day.

These two had a little too much fun
I'm kidding:)

I do not like wine at all honestly. They said I'm not old enough yet:) Most of them didn't start liking it till they turned 35:) So I have some time. I did try two kinds that they talked me into. Yuck! The funniest part...I got carded! I was the only one. Ha ha haha.

The perfect ending to the day...We went to the Outback for dinner, Jeremy's treat!

Thank you babe for a wonderful birthday getaway. What a special day.
Thank you girls for a fun day to be together and enjoy one another at such a magical place. Love each of you!