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Amazing!!! Read it and rejoice!

Here's where you can see the latest short video
report from the front lines of the 40 Days for Life
in Charlotte, North Carolina:

During the brief video, you'll hear from Protestants,
Catholics, a maternity home director, and you'll get
to meet Andrea -- a wonderful post-abortive woman
who, two years ago, helped us recognize that 40 Days
for Life was supposed to be a national effort.

You will really be inspired by this one:

(If you have trouble watching the videos or posting
comments on our blog page, you can see all the video
reports and post your thoughts directly on YouTube
at: )

Now for the BIG NEWS!

In the last few hours, 40 Days for Life reached a
major milestone, and I had to share it with you!

Through the grace and mercy of God -- and the
faithful prayers and fasting of well over 200,000
people standing vigil outside abortion facilities
-- an incredible miracle has taken place.

Starting with the first-ever 40 Days for Life
campaign in Bryan/College Station, Texas in 2004, and
continuing through the international 40 Days for Life
effort that is under way this fall, we now have
received cumulative reports of ...

... OVER 2,000 BABIES whose lives have been saved
from the tragedy of abortion!

Who knows what wonders each of these children will
bring to the world!

Two thousand children would be enough to fill at
least 80 classrooms. Two thousand children would be
enough to make up 180 teams of little soccer players
-- and just as importantly, 180 teams of soccer moms
-- women who will enjoy watching their children run
and jump and shout, blessings they would have never
known if they had fallen for the lies that are so
often disguised by the rhetoric of "choice."

Here's the story of just one of those 2,000 lives.

It was a stormy day at the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Bakersfield, California. Yet people ignored the wind
and rain as they stood and prayed outside the
abortion center.

A young woman from outside the Bakersfield area soon
arrived at the clinic for an abortion appointment.
She was already stressed out; the drive across the
mountains and through the storm left her in no mood
to listen to the Christians on the sidewalk.

She looked at the group, shouted profanities, and
told the vigil participants to leave her alone. One
of the people on the sidewalk told her that if she
thought the sky was dark, it was nothing compared to
the darkness abortion could bring into her life.

She ignored the words and walked in.

But the "simple procedure" she had come for turned
out not to be so simple -- and she might not be able
to have the abortion that day. She had come for the
abortion pill, but the staff said she lived too far
away to return to the clinic if any complications

When she learned that, she became even angrier at the
people praying out on the sidewalk -- she even went
back out to yell at them several times. Finally,
after she realized there would be no abortion, she
gave up and left the clinic.

But on her way out, the prayer supporters on the
sidewalk offered to pray with her. As they did, the
sun suddenly broke through the clouds and the sky
instantly became bright.

It was like a new day.

The vigil participants explained the situation to
Terri, one of the counselors, who helped arrange an
appointment for an ultrasound at the pro-life
pregnancy help center.

Terri could tell that the ultrasound had a
significant impact on the young woman. "I knew that
it was a good sign when I heard her talking to her
baby," she said.

After the ultrasound, Terri and the woman hurried
back to the vigil site. Bursting with joy, the woman
showed the prayer supporters the ultrasound picture
of the baby she had intended to abort, exclaiming
"your Jesus heard your prayers!"

To see some of the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers
in Bakersfield -- along with the young woman holding
the ultrasound image of her baby -- go to:

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