Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summa Time, Beach Days

Every Day at the sand bar brings a new adventure!  This day, we caught a crab and a skate.  That crab was mean!  Every time you went over to him he would try to reach up and get you with his claws.

The girls like to go jump off the boat.

The next day we headed to the beach for surfin:)  Ok, maybe just boogie boarding

 Little Barrett:)

 Mia, the sand eater

Summa Time, Beach Part 2

These pics are courtesy of my iphone.  We must have been having way too much fun to break out the real thing:)  

Our morning bike ride....

We must have been at the pool all day and that's why there aren't many water pictures.  I have tried to limit the amount of them I bore you with too:)  You're welcome.

But this one is too good. first!

For Dinner we went to our favorite spot, Bluewater Pointe.

And we had some photo ops after dinner

Erik, Abbie, and sweet boy