Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Faith Grown Farm

Our friends, the Bestuls, just bought a farm!
We were able to go out and visit them at their new home a few weeks ago.

It was lots of fun and they are adding to their animal family day by day:)

I've never seen a chicken like this!

The girls weren't having any of that petting chicken stuff....

But they finally warmed up:)

Makes me amazed at the Lord to see the animals he creates.

Congrats Bestul Family on your beautiful new homestead!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Gracie Girl's Softball season has come to an end.  We have seen SO much growth in her.  It was pretty cool to watch:)

This is her fan club, in the sand box

She's hitting back there, see the ball ?

She was three for three her last game!

Now it's off to Basketball Season!


We celebrated Halloween this year twice.  Once in Charlotte and at home on the 31st.


Tristen, the cow girl

Mia the chunk monkey, er uh, I mean cupcake

Bellie the nurse

Auntie, don't call me fat

Maggie the most adorable strawberry you ever did see

It's tradition to go to Mom and Dad's church for Trunk or Treat....

 Sydney, the go go girl

Piper, the snow princess.  But she says she was a snowflake girl.

Reese got them in the hole too!

Guess who won the costume contest??

These two, oh yes:)

Then we were home for the real day...

Gracie was Raggedy Ann.  This was my costume when I was her age:)

Many people don't celebrate Halloween due to religious conflict with it, but we've always enjoyed redeeming it and celebrating with our friends and family.  And this year, our new friends too:)