Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gracie's Game!

Get ready for some extreme cuteness...

Gracie's first ball game was Saturday!

They always warm-up before every game and practice

 Check out those socks!  They're the Topsail Cheetahs
 They have a sandbox right at the field.  Pure genius.

Getting ready to bat for the first time ever!
 Gooooo Gaycee!

Precious:)  The sweet ump tied her shoe for her

Mrs. Patti, her coach helping her know what to do out there in left center field.

Mrs. Sheila her other coach helping her before she goes to the plate.  Gracie is learning everything just now.  She's so diligent to listen and she always looks to them for help:)  So sweet.

Good game!  We won!

Next game she played lots of places....Second base

She got a hit!

Woohoo, on third.

Then she played right centerfield

Even catcher

Their attention spans aren't so hot

Gracie is loving it!  She wants to learn and practice everyday.  This league is really good.  She is playing coach/machine pitch.  But they don't baby them.  They keep score and you get out!  The rule is 10 batters, 3 outs, or 5 runs per inning.  When you're batting you get 5 balls period.

Well, we're off to batting practice!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our House!

Finally....Welcome to our house!  This post has more pictures than you will care to see...I tried to be thorough:)

Here is the entry way....

To the left is downstairs and the middle is the stairs for the main living space

Entry way

Up to the main living space

Our family room

These need work, that's Lisa's job:)

Into the kitchen from family room

My command center, which I love!

Into the kitchen from the eating area

From the stove looking out.  Straight ahead through all those windows is a great porch

From the sink

Hallway outside the master, going to the laundry room

Guest bath


Master Bath

Going up to the loft

It's messy and we don't really use it.  But if Jeremy works from home he does it up here

Going down to the bottom floor

Behind me is the garage.  This is the girls pad.

We have a wine fridge that the girls store their play kitchen stuff in:)

Gracie and Piper's room

Reese's room. Shhhh, she's sleeping:)

The girls bathroom

And that concludes the tour!