Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We're here and most of the boxes are unpacked!  Thanks to my mom, sister, and Meemaw. They worked so hard!!  Thank you!!

We don't have internet yet but we are at Mom and Dad's beach house for the week for family vacation:)

I was looking through my phone and came across several pictures.....

These are from Gracie's last day of school.  They had a luau!

Here they are having a real Hawaiian dancer entertain them:)

Then they had to learn a dance

Then the teachers had to take a turn

The first and second grade...

They said a poem for their teachers

Emily and Savannah with Gracie girl

Limbo time
Go girl!

Balloon toss

I think their faces are hilarious!

Gracie and Emily won!

Gracie's little classroom and class saying their last goodbye's and giving Ms. Inpyn presents

Sweet Mrs. Inpyn
We will miss this school so much!  I spent much of my time this last day teary eyed.

Monday, June 13, 2011



Well, the movers are here and most of the house is packed.  I can't believe it's time to go.
I'll write more soon on this.

In the meantime, please check out Melissa's Blog to see what God is doing at Oasis!  This is the orphanage I wrote about while in Uganda.  The place that I can't stop thinking about.  You will be encouraged!!  Go now!!:)
  And I will be writing more soon as well about what God is doing in my heart for this place.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

  You know it's summer time when the Balts' slide comes out. Woohoo!

                                                        Rhiannon, Gracie, and Ellie

Love it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day!

We had our last homeschool day a few weeks ago!  The last one for a while since the girls are going to a five day cottage school next year!

Usually we work at the table or the bar.

                                                 Pipes was working hard this day:)

These pictures are lousy.  Sorry about that.  Remember what I did to my lens?:)  And I didn't have time to edit these.  Maybe I'll fix them sometime.  Or, not.

                                     She's so funny.  Usually she's getting into something during
                                              school.  So we try to do it during her nap:)          

My sweet Gracie girl.  She worked so hard this year!  There was SO much growth!
And she made straight A's!!

Pipe is pretty smart:)  I can't wait to watch her blossom on kindergarten!

It's been a great year!  As always, homeschooling comes with it's challenges and blessings.  Liberty Prep was a huge success!  We loved it!!  And we will miss it!


Can you help Kim raise money for this adorable little guy?  Please cross post this to your blog and facebook!

Kim and I met Erika, Nate, and Elijah when we were in Uganda.  We love them and their faith!

Meet Elijah Augustus. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Right now he is at the same babies home that Madison is from. When I was there last summer, he was around 10 months old, he couldnt sit up or even hold his head up. He was found in a garbage bag, discarded and unwanted. Now look at him! He is even starting to walk.
While I was there, I met Nate and Erika, and they were given permission to pursue him in adoption. He now has a family that love him and want him to be their son. He has a forever family!! He is no longer an orphan and I am asking you if you will help this family bring him home. You may not be called to adopt, but we can all be apart of this beautiful story. We can support this family that is called to adopt.

Erika has been in Uganda since March trying to get her son home. The expenses keep adding up and they desperately need your help in bringing Elijah home.  So, please buy a ticket and pray for Elijah and Erika to come home soon.

So, to help, we are having a raffle. The prizes have been donated and 100% of the money will go to the family for the adoption. Now for the prizes:  First prize is a new 64GB IPad 2 and the second prize is a 32 GB Ipod touch. So not only could you win an AWESOME prize, but you would also be helping this precious boy get home to his forever family.

Here is how the raffle will work:
$10= 1 entry
$25= 3 entries
$50= 8 entries
$100= 20 entries
$150= 35 entries
$300= 80 entries

WAIT, there's more!  Once you buy a ticket you can get FREE additional entries by 1) if you re-post this on facebook or your blog, leave me a comment here and a link and you will be entered again (you can do this once a day). or 2) if someone buys a ticket and uses your name as a reference, by leaving a comment in paypal or here, you will be entered TWICE.

How to enter:
1.  you can click on the chipin button on the side. It is linked to my paypal account. Under the comment section of paypal, please leave me your contact info. I will send you an entry receipt with a number.
2. cash or check is always welcomed. Just leave me a comment with your email and I will send you my address.

We will hold the drawing for both prizes on July 5 and then you will be notified if you have won. We will also post something here telling who the winner's are. Hurry and enter...it could be you!

Now more about the family:

Here is Nate, the daddy.

Mommy Erika with Elijah. Look how big he is and how well he is doing with his mommy there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I had a migraine a while ago and sweet Gracie cleaned up for me while I was in bed.  All on her own, just because.  She is so priceless.

She loaded the dishwasher.
 I thought it was so precious I had to share:)  Can you see that she even put ziploc bags in there?
God bless her heart:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer House

So here it is!! We call it Summer House, because that's the name of the development.  I decided to drop my camera lens again, so I don't have many pictures.  I only have a portrait lens, and that's really hard to use for pictures in the house:)  When we move in, you'll get pictures of the inside:)

So here's the front

Here's the side view

                                                                 Here's the back

                                                  The view from the master porch                                

Master Porch view again

The backyard view

And now for one of the biggest reasons we chose this neighborhood:)
This is the clubhouse and pool.  Well, this is the front part of the pool.

This is the right side of the pool in the front

This is the back of the clubhouse and pool.  To the left is the pump room.

                                                     And this is the workout room.                                        

                                                 The side, going around the clubhouse

                                  Our families came to visit us on Saturday!  That was fun!                    

Makin sweet memories with Papa

                                                                      And Gamma

                                                Nanny with all of her grand daughters

                                                       Tristen and her baby sister:)

Reese was so tired, she fell asleep on me at the sand bar.  It was priceless.

Bella Boo.  She and Reese spent most of their time in the sand while the other girls were in the water.

How we get to the sand bar:)

Delicious Mia