Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We're here and most of the boxes are unpacked!  Thanks to my mom, sister, and Meemaw. They worked so hard!!  Thank you!!

We don't have internet yet but we are at Mom and Dad's beach house for the week for family vacation:)

I was looking through my phone and came across several pictures.....

These are from Gracie's last day of school.  They had a luau!

Here they are having a real Hawaiian dancer entertain them:)

Then they had to learn a dance

Then the teachers had to take a turn

The first and second grade...

They said a poem for their teachers

Emily and Savannah with Gracie girl

Limbo time
Go girl!

Balloon toss

I think their faces are hilarious!

Gracie and Emily won!

Gracie's little classroom and class saying their last goodbye's and giving Ms. Inpyn presents

Sweet Mrs. Inpyn
We will miss this school so much!  I spent much of my time this last day teary eyed.

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