Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer House

So here it is!! We call it Summer House, because that's the name of the development.  I decided to drop my camera lens again, so I don't have many pictures.  I only have a portrait lens, and that's really hard to use for pictures in the house:)  When we move in, you'll get pictures of the inside:)

So here's the front

Here's the side view

                                                                 Here's the back

                                                  The view from the master porch                                

Master Porch view again

The backyard view

And now for one of the biggest reasons we chose this neighborhood:)
This is the clubhouse and pool.  Well, this is the front part of the pool.

This is the right side of the pool in the front

This is the back of the clubhouse and pool.  To the left is the pump room.

                                                     And this is the workout room.                                        

                                                 The side, going around the clubhouse

                                  Our families came to visit us on Saturday!  That was fun!                    

Makin sweet memories with Papa

                                                                      And Gamma

                                                Nanny with all of her grand daughters

                                                       Tristen and her baby sister:)

Reese was so tired, she fell asleep on me at the sand bar.  It was priceless.

Bella Boo.  She and Reese spent most of their time in the sand while the other girls were in the water.

How we get to the sand bar:)

Delicious Mia


Liles Family said...

The new place looks so nice! I am sure that it is bittersweet, but there is no better place to be than right where God wants you. :) I hope that we are able to meet up with you when we come to visit NC.

Kim said...

So, are you officially in Wilmington? Or are you half there and half in Huntersville? I guess I need to backtrack as it has been a while since I've read up on my friends' blogs! Regardless - your new home is beautiful!!!!