Monday, January 9, 2012


Gracie is part of a little girl's Bible Study group called the Ladybugs.  Each family takes turns having it at their house.  This past semester they studied the fruits of the Spirit.

Two weeks before Christmas, they had their little party.  The moms were invited too.  It was fun to be together and eat fondue and fellowship.

The girls each brought a gift and chose a number out of a hat to see which gift they got

Lilly is is the back and Claire is the one closest

The whole gang: Back row, left to right: Angelina, Lilly, Claire, Anna,  Abbie
Front row:

Gracie loves meeting with these girls!

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas!  We went to Charlotte the week before and stayed through the Tuesday after Christmas.  Even Gamma and Papa came and stayed with us.  So we had both of our families under one roof.  I loved that.
Get ready to a ton of pictures.
We celebrated with mom, dad, and my sisters and brother in laws, and nieces on the night before Christmas Eve....

Silly La La:)

Bella and Reese were pretty stoked

Bella realizing that she is getting skates!

Piper got an American Girl bed.  She wasn't too thrilled because she didn't get the doll.  Yet.

Everyone got skates!

And make-up

Sweet Mia slept through most of it:)

Papaw helped her open her presents

Mia was mostly interested in the paper

It's always fun to be with our immediate family and just hang out.  When you don't live in the same town anymore, it's even better.

Christmas Morning: The girls woke up about 8:30 (yes!!) and were ready to come down!

Reese was hilarious this year.  She was pretty excited.

I tried really hard this year to keep cost down and just get the girls a few things.  I wanted them to be more focused on Christ. Buuuut, I failed.  They mostly got small things and a suitcase, which they both needed.  But all the little things that were supposed to go in their stockings didn't fit, so it piled up.

The girls were so grateful for the things they got. That blessed my heart.

Gracie was pumped about her sewing machine!

And Pipes liked her watch.

Of course, Reese goes straight for the candy.

Gracie and Piper got to give out the present they bought with their own money:)  Gracie gave Papa a book.  He said it was actually a good one:)

Piper made sure to include Reilly:)  She bought her a toy squirrel.

Dad is always a hoot.  He guesses every stinkin gift before he opens them

Santa left a letter where the milk and cookies were.  It reminded the girls to celebrate Jesus on His Birthday.  Gracie said, "Mom, I guess Santa is a Christian." :)ahhh.

Mom is so animated and grateful for everything she gets.  Here she is opening the target gift card Gracie got her.  It has $9 on it.

And Piper finally got her American Girl! She was SO excited!

Doesn't she look like her?  Her name is Hannah.  She even has earrings.

Reese got a bitty baby

We never get pictures with Gamma and Papa in it.

Then we were out the door to church!  Don't even get me started on churches that don't have church on Christmas when it's a Sunday!  There is something so special about being there all together as a church family, to celebrate Jesus, instead of at home focused on our little family and gifts.

Once we were home from church, the Looper family comes over to celebrate!

It's so funny, usually there's a gift under the tree for Jeremy that we have no idea who it's from.  Last year it was super man underwear.  This year....oh boy....

That's a snuggie in case you can't tell.

The kids all get gifts and then we send them to play while the adults play dirty santa.

And something new this year...We got a show from the girls.

There was gymnastics moves, and singing and dancing.

Piper can do quite the split. And Gracie is getting there:)

And these two, told us the name of the baby:)  His name is Gage Timothy.  Timothy is my dad's middle name.  I'd say he certainly deserves to have the first boy named after him:)

Whoo! Can't wait!!

Gracie already had an American Girl Doll, but Grandma bought her this coat and added a star to it to match her doll's clothes.

They each got lots of outfits for their dolls.

It was a fun Christmas!  I loved being with all of our family and friends.