Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keeping 'em busy

Happy New Year!  Hope you guys enjoyed celebrating the Lord's faithfulness in 2011 and are eagerly looking forward to 2012.  It seems like most of us had some challenges in 2011 and are looking forward to a fresh start.  For me, the challenge was moving and I am looking forward to getting more settled in here in 2012.  I am eager to learn what God has for our family this year in this new town.

Two weeks before Christmas we were out of school and just hanging out as a family. It was really nice to just be.  But I didn't want the girls to get bored so we did some crafts here and there. This day we did foam Christmas Trees!  

Reese wanted to eat the stickers instead of decorate with them.


Oh and we tried to potty train Reese.  But she never peed!  I need to be more focused:)  I'll try again soon.
She's pretty proud of her potty.  And yes, those are Gracie's shoes.

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