Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you our dear friends and family! And hello from the beach!
We have had an exciting and busy year in 2011.  In November of 2010, Jeremy got laid off from his job.  It was a shock.  Immediately he began looking for jobs and  by God’s grace, he had two offers quickly.  They were both great jobs at great companies.  But one provided a better opportunity for Jeremy.  Problem...we had to move.  It was a grueling several weeks and we sought the Lord and got counsel from our friends and family.  It became clear that the Lord was calling us to move.  In February, Jeremy started that new job with Bristol Industries in Snead’s Ferry.  Yep, at the beach!  The girls and I finished out the school year in Charlotte and moved down in June.  I can’t believe this week makes six months that we’ve been down here.  It feels way longer!
We like it down here.  I don’t love it, but Jeremy does! I miss my family and friends a lot.  But the Lord has been gracious and faithful to provide new friendships quickly.  I really can’t get over his kindness in this area.  He is seriously good!  We have a new church family that we love as well.  
Jeremy is really enjoying his job.  It’s been a blessing.  He travels every other week for a few days.  The mama doesn’t like that too much:)  Neither do his girls.  We miss him! At church, he is getting ready to start helping with the youth group.  That has always been a passion of his.
I am busy running carpool these days!  We spend at least two hours in the car getting the girls to and from school.  We live way out!  40 minutes to Target to be exact! I am also working on my photography business.  I’ve loved learning and growing in this art and meeting new people.  It’s always a joy to hear someone say they love the memories I’ve captured for them.  It’s if you want to check it out. I’ve also enjoyed going to a women’s Bible study on monday nights.  So refreshing!  We are studying Daniel right now.
Gracie girl is 8 now!  Crazy.  She just celebrated her birthday at the skating rink.  She is in second grade and doing really well in school.  She just started learning to play the piano too!  This fall she played softball and now she is playing basketball.  She loves sports!  It has been so neat to watch her improve over the season.  She works so hard.  She is still an amazing helper to her momma.  This girl is a servant!  She can single handedly run this household:)  For a few hours,at least!
Piper is 5 1/2.  She is doing gymnastics and loving it.  She is really good!  Ask her to do a split for you next time you see her.  She is in kindergarten and really excels.  In fact, she is already finished with kindergarten and is starting first grade in the spring. As her teacher says, and we totally agree, she demands perfection.  The girls does not like to be told no.  Wonder where she gets that from? She is also taking piano.  She’s pretty cute banging away.  If you remember my sister Lauren as a kid, you have a pretty good picture of who Piper is.
Reese is 2. Whoa.  She is a tornado!  Our only blue eyed baby girl loves her dog Reilly, playing outside in the sand, and making messes.  Big messes.  Like painting the bathroom with vaseline kind of messes.  Man we love her though!  She is so funny.  Talking like crazy and saying the cutest things.  My favorite thing she says is, “Ont gib a kiss Gaycee. Ont gib a kiss Pipey (I want to give a kiss to Gracie, and Piper)” when we drop the girls off at school.  It melts my heart every time.  She is so good at saying thank you.  And she’s really working on yes ma’am.  I wish you could hear her say that. Two is still my favorite age!
We pray your Christmas is wonderful and that you have lots of time with those you love. Much LOVE, Jeremy, Lindsay, Gracie, Piper, and Reese

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