Thursday, December 22, 2011


"Mama, is Santa a Christian?" This was Gracie's question to me the other day while we were folding laundry.  I was taken aback for a minute.  Then I realized, what a great question my girl just asked.  So I asked her some questions about how we know someone is a Christian.  And we talked about the original St. Nick and how he served the poor.  A definite trait of a believer.

Then I asked her if she believed in Santa.  She said emphatically, "NO mama, I believe in Jesus!"  But what she meant was, she knows that Jesus is the only one who saves.  She knows Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
  She does believe in Santa.  That he delivers gifts and is a kind man.  And that the original one was a Christian:) We've never made much ado about Santa, and she hasn't asked me if he's real or not yet. But she knows where his place is, at the foot of the cross with the rest of us.

  It was a sweet reminder that God is working in my children, despite me.  They are his, and he will capture their hearts.

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LaughingLisa said...

I love how you summed it up..perfect! thank you.