Sunday, October 24, 2010

BOO at the Zoo!

Last weekend we went with the Blackburns to Boo at the Zoo down at the Riverbanks Zoo!
It was SO much fun! We went down in the afternoon and saw all the animals before the park closed to get ready for all the little trick-or-treaters.
This was too cute:) CJ and Gracie are studying the map of the zoo.

They have a bird sanctuary that you can go inside and feed the birds.
Gracie and I don't like birds so much, but Pipes doesn't mind:)
Christopher and sweet Anna Cate
We spent a while looking at the tigers

Then we left for dinner and came back, all dressed up!
Reese was a pumpkin

Gracie was silvermist and Piper was a Go-Go girl.
They had lights up everywhere
Avery and Grace
Our little Go-Go girl rode most of the time since she has a cast
oooooh, a sucker. Shhh, don't tell her you can take the wrapper off;)
They had a foam zone. The kids were a little reluctant to jump in and once we saw how wet other kids were, we were glad! It was dish soap. ewwwh
There were stations throughout the park for the kids to trick-or-treat. Some gave candy, others gave things like this...
And masks...

That's Eileen:)
Piper was being silly!
Reese was soooooo tired. She sat like this for about an hour. If you know her, you know very well that she will not sit in a stroller if she can see me. But she didn't budge or make a sound.
They had a dance party going on at the entrance to the park. But the kids decided to make their own.

We spent a little time in the barnyard after we trick-or-treated. They were the only animals still awake.

CJ decided he would dance with the dance party.

It was a fun time and a great way to trick-or-treat!

Pumpkin Time!

It was a super beautiful day to pick a pumpkin...

We did a quick trip this year to a little patch up in Cornelius, beside Bruster's, most importantly:)

Can you believe she is about to be 7????
And this one is 4 and 3/4????:)

Gracie chose this one. She's quick, goes right to the one she wants.
Pipes chose this one...
This one?
Or this one? hmmm...
The final picks!
Then off for ice cream!
Reese got her first cone:) She loooooves ice cream.