Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Week, Day 3

The girls wanted boogie boards this year.  I usually say no to these kinds of things unless it a birthday or something but I knew it would bless them.  And we do live at the beach now:)  

We usually spend our days at the sand bar as opposed to the actual beach.  We get there by Papaw's boat.

Here's T on her new board...

                                                       They spent all  day on them!

                                         We get a little wave action when the boats go by

                                                          Evidence of their tattoos:)

                               And when there aren't waves, convince Papaw to pull you:)

                                  We had a chance to see our friends, the Huneycutts too!
                                                  This is their adorable baby, Wynn:)

                                                           Even Papaw got a turn.

                                                       Then there's boat jumping

Then they convinced Daddy to take a turn

                                                             Chris and Baby Wynn

Deese is having a walk with Nanny

                                     Bella and Reese usually stay on the beach playing

Piper is incredibly allergic to cats.  What does she do?  She picks a boogie board covered in them:)  Here she is naming them.  Each and every one.

Beach Week Day 2

The girls really, really, really wanted tattoos.  The guys told us they would last 3 weeks to 3 months.

So, we obliged.  It's vacation, right?:)

Gracie got a heart

                                                            Tristen got a dolphin

                                                                  Piper got a butterfly

                                                   And I think Bella got a butterfly too

And they lasted all of three days.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach Week!

Well, I guess technically every week is beach week now, but 5 days after we moved in, it was time for the Looper family vacation.

It was a much shorter ride this year:)  And we had so much fun together.  I imagine I won't be taking family time for granted anymore.  Each day was a new adventure!

I was sick for the first part of the week so I think La La took these pix.  I was snoozing in my beach chair:)

Day 1: we spent on the beach

 Love this picture!

Gracie Girl and T Bird enjoying the waves

All the kids decided to bury each other.  This is Pipey.

She was a good sport:)

Ugh!  I really don't like the sand enough to have this done!


Tristen's turn

I'm guessing this was washing off time

And last but not least....Gracie

                      This picture didn't make it into the last post.  I love these girls.

                                                         Kim, Tracie, Lisa, and Cindy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going Away Party

A few nights before we left, our neighbors and closest friends gave us a little going away party.  I asked them not to do anything big because I knew it would be really hard for me.  In hindsight, I think bigger might have been more distracting and easier:)  It was a rough night for me.

I managed to get a few pictures....

Kim and I.  I miss her so.

Tim is a dork.  This is what all our pictures looked like.

My Ellie Bellie.  She must have hugged me a hundred times.


 Jeremy and the boys: Steven, Matt, Danny, and Tim

We love you guys!  Thank you for blessing us!