Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Week, Day 3

The girls wanted boogie boards this year.  I usually say no to these kinds of things unless it a birthday or something but I knew it would bless them.  And we do live at the beach now:)  

We usually spend our days at the sand bar as opposed to the actual beach.  We get there by Papaw's boat.

Here's T on her new board...

                                                       They spent all  day on them!

                                         We get a little wave action when the boats go by

                                                          Evidence of their tattoos:)

                               And when there aren't waves, convince Papaw to pull you:)

                                  We had a chance to see our friends, the Huneycutts too!
                                                  This is their adorable baby, Wynn:)

                                                           Even Papaw got a turn.

                                                       Then there's boat jumping

Then they convinced Daddy to take a turn

                                                             Chris and Baby Wynn

Deese is having a walk with Nanny

                                     Bella and Reese usually stay on the beach playing

Piper is incredibly allergic to cats.  What does she do?  She picks a boogie board covered in them:)  Here she is naming them.  Each and every one.

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