Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm not even going to make excuses about my lack of blogging. But let's just say that I am anal and I like to start at the beginning. And the beginning right now is August. Yes, I am backed up to August. But it appears that this mom cannot find the pictures of her daughter's third birthday:( It's terrible.  So very sad.  So in the meantime, I bring you other updates...

Lookie what I got for Christmas!!!  It was a big surprise from Jeremy and my family and friends.  Whoa, I was SUPER thrilled to get this 27 inches of goodness:))))  Now editing pictures is SO much better.  Can't even describe the difference!! Thank you a million if you were involved in making this a reality!! I spent the better part of January getting it hooked up and all of my files transferred over. Whew.

And since we moved into our house we have done a ton of work.  Ok, Jeremy and Papa have:)  I have painted until my hands bled. Another exaggeration.  But man have we painted.  And I am not done. So far we have painted our bedroom furniture, the kitchen, hallway, dining room, playroom, the master bedroom and bath, my desk....AND

THE shutters and front door of the house!!!!

Bless Lauren's heart. She came to visit and I roped her in to helping me paint the shutters.  I was SO thankful. Jeremy hates painting.  I was surprised at how easy it was. And so bummed I hadn't done it sooner:)

I LOVE the results!  It has made a huge difference!!
And we even have new landscaping, although it's bare in these pics.  I need to update that too.  A friend helped me design what I wanted, I went and got it all and then my dad came and worked his magic.  Thank you Dad!!!

I've always wanted a yellow door....

And miracles of miracles, I even made a wreath. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest:) I love the ideas but I hate trying to do them.  Photography is my craft. Let's just say I should stick to that:)