Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach Week!

Well, I guess technically every week is beach week now, but 5 days after we moved in, it was time for the Looper family vacation.

It was a much shorter ride this year:)  And we had so much fun together.  I imagine I won't be taking family time for granted anymore.  Each day was a new adventure!

I was sick for the first part of the week so I think La La took these pix.  I was snoozing in my beach chair:)

Day 1: we spent on the beach

 Love this picture!

Gracie Girl and T Bird enjoying the waves

All the kids decided to bury each other.  This is Pipey.

She was a good sport:)

Ugh!  I really don't like the sand enough to have this done!


Tristen's turn

I'm guessing this was washing off time

And last but not least....Gracie

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