Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Shopping

We went to a local tree lot this year for our amazing Christmas Tree.  bwahahaha

Honestly, all of their trees were wonky, but the man was soooo nice and I couldn't say no.  SO, we picked one out.  But I didn't realize it was that bad till I got the thing home. Or, I should say Jeremy got the thing home.

We walked through the lot and picked an 8-9 ft tree.  The biggest we've ever gotten!  The guy told us the commercial trees were cheaper but they had a messed up side.  As long as we had a wall behind it, it would be fine.  Just turn the ugly side to the wall.  Buuuuutttt, this tree has all ugly sides. hmph I've been told the pictures I posted about the tree weren't that bad.  Trust me, they don't do it justice.

Anyway, here are my precious babes with our ah-mazing tree

The sweet man gave the girls goodies:)

Daddy loaded it up

Reese was mesmerized by the blow-ups.  If I could stomach them in my yard, I would totally get this kid one.  But I can't.

That's Reese standing at the bear just ooohhing and ahhhing

And there you have our Christmas Tree Hunt of 2011

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