Saturday, December 3, 2011


Gracie Girl turned EIGHT yesterday! Yikes!

She asked to have her party at the skating rink.  She's never been skating before but she assured me that was what she wanted.  So I agreed:)

We decided to team up with the Balts and have Ellie's party too.

These are some ridiculous smiles but I had to include them anyway...

Piper, Tristen, Gracie, Ellie, Faith, and Aubrey

Getting her skates

First go...with Nanny

EK (Erik) is Reese's favorite person:)  so she sat in his lap most of the night:)

We saw lots of this...falling

Poor T Bird hit the deck lots and lots

See, her hiney was so sore.  She didn't even want to sit in her seat to go home.

Connor even gave it a go

Reese got lovin from papaw

They were starting to get the hang of it!

Man it's been a LONG time since I've been skating

Me helping precious Anna Cate, with her daddy to our left.  He got the cool blades

Ek took his turn too


Go Girl!  She did really well!

Faith kept wanting to race me.  Little stinker is good!

Abbie doesn't looked amused.  Neither was I that she was risking my nephew's life out there.  Wait...I haven't blogged about that yet have I?!  Oh it is coming!  YEP a BOY is coming!!!

Kim and I spent most of our time patrolling the middle:)


The benchwarmers

Kim and Madison

Oh boy, the fun really begins when dad takes to the rink

He makes me laugh so hard

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of him laid flat out on his back.  I think he quit after that:)

Aubrey really got the hang of it too!

So cute, stopping for a little break

Even Madison got out there

Yeah, it's super hard to get clear pictures when you are on skates!

Raise your hand if it's your birthday!!

The whole rink sang to them

Ellie was having nothing to do with this guy

Then it was pizza, cake, and present time

Gracie liked reading all of her cards.

  Seven and Eight!

Thank the Good Lord for this thing!  The littles played in here all night!

Happy Birthday Girls!

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