Friday, May 20, 2011


It's taking forever to upload these, so I'll have to post about Mia in a few separate posts.

My little sweet niece was born on May 6th at 6:22 am.  It was a loooong night for poor Lauren.

Mom was cracking us up because she was telling Lauren how strong her contractions were.  You catch that?  Mom was telling Lauren, how strong her contractions were.

It was pretty hilarious.  Most people don't realize that you can't tell the strength of contractions just by what the screen says.  You actually have to feel them with your hand, or have an internal pressure catheter.  So poor Lauren is laughing and hurting at the same time here.

Yep, torturing her.

Waiting for our sweet baby:)

Here's all of us!  And yes, we all stayed:)  It was me, mom, Ab, Chris, Megan, Meemaw, and Mimi

Poor Abbie had to work the next morning so she slept in the window sill for a little bit

And then, Mia decided to make her grand entrance!

Perfect. In every way

Momma's first glance

Love this one
Awwwhhh, my namesake:)

Can I take her home?

The time we thought would never come

Auntie Abbie

These pictures were taken by Megan:) I was too busy being a nurse and sister:)

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