Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God's Story

I've held off on posting about our move because I haven't had pictures!  Sweet Jeremy tried to get some for me but they're really blurry.  I am going next week, so I'll get more.  But I wanted to go ahead and write our story down, and I'll post the pix later!

God is writing a story into our lives that we never imagined.  And we certainly wouldn't have asked for.  Moving away is hands down the hardest thing he's ever asked of me.  The roots here are DEEP.  And to be completely honest, even now, I can barely think about it.  I feel like my heart is being ripped out.

But God is weaving a story and He is confirming this is what we are to do, every step of the way.  First of all, there are the things you already know about, the awesome job, and the sweet little cottage school.  But there's so much more.

When Jeremy and I went to motorcycle school:), there was only one other couple in the class (There were lots of people, but not couples).  One day while we were riding, the lady came up to me and asked me if Jeremy and I were in ministry.  I told her no, but that we were really involved in our church.  She then says, "There's something different about you guys.  I can see it.  God is going to use you.  He's going to use you to minister to others, especially in evangelism."  Then we had to part ways and get back on our bikes.  But I just stood there for a minute completely humbled.  Whaaaattt?  God, I can't believe you just did that for me!  You just confirmed once again that you have a plan for us, through a perfect stranger who doesn't even know we are moving.  whoa.

Then there is our house.  I fell in love with a house this past spring when we went down to look.  We signed the papers and put down the deposit on it. Then through a series of crazy ridiculous events, including them telling us we couldn't hang a single thing on the walls (seriously), that door was closed.  I was seriously heartbroken.  I loved the house.  Dear Tracie went with me to look at more houses.  She was patient and kind with me, but I was really really sad.  So we started looking and a house came up for rent in a neighborhood that we had looked at buying a lot in.  It has awesome amenities and the houses are beautiful.  We totally couldn't afford the house and Jeremy had already looked at it. But the manager of the property told us to ask the lady to lower the rent, so I agreed to go look at it.  Loved it!  It's beautiful!  And hear me, it's BRAND NEW!  Just finished two weeks ago!  Jeremy called the lady and talked to her about the house.  She told him, "Don't ever build!  It's sooo hard!"  And she went on about it.  Jeremy started laughing and told her he was a builder.  She liked that, and she and Jeremy hit it off:)  He told her we would love to rent the house but that we couldn't afford the price.  So she cut it by $400 a month!!!!! Which means we are paying $400 less than her mortgage on the house! Whaaatttt?  Ok Lord!  The lady and her husband have been great to us and as you can imagine, Jeremy has already been serving them and getting their house finished for them.  He moved in two weeks ago.  Wait till you see it, it's so cute:)
  There is one major concern I have....it's 25 mins to the girl's school.  But we decided to sacrifice that in order to have the family life we were hoping for.  You see, this neighborhood was started right when the economy crashed.  Builders bought up the lots and then lost them.  There should be a 1,000 houses in the neighborhood, but there's only five.  Five.  And we have a 10 million dollar pool and clubhouse with a workout room!  It's a gated community and there's tons of land to roam.  See, whoa Lord:)
  Oh and there's one other concern...the alligators.  Yep, apparently they are all over the place down there.  I have to admit I've lost a little sleep over this.  There's lakes all over the property.  It's beautiful.  There's a  pond right in our back yard.  So I asked for a fence.  The owners graciously agreed!  Once again, the Lord's provision.
  We are also on the inter coastal waterway and about 10 mins from the beach:)
  Oh and one last thing about the house.  The company will pay our rent until we sell our house.  They give us a certain amount a month and it was a few hundred shy of our actual rent.  Jeremy submitted the paper work last week for it and his boss came by to show him that he changed the paperwork.  He upped our compensation to cover the whole rent!!  Amazing.  We didn't ask, he just did it.

  So God is writing this story.  I am in faith for what He has in store.
  We will be moving June 14th.  Pray for us if you think about it.

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Kim said...

Lindsay, what a beautiful picture of HIS amazing love and provision for his children. Thank you for sharing the details . . . to HIM be all the GLORY! I can't wait to come and see your family now that you're only half the distance away. I've missed you and always enjoy the times we can pick up where we left off. It's been a long while . . . let's connect soon.