Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Christian School! God's Story Part Two

I thought I already told the story about our new little school right outside of Wilmington, but I just looked back through and I don't see it. And it's part of our God story!

So, when Jeremy and I went to Wilmington back in February to look around, we started researching schools.  He found one but the website wasn't available anymore.  But that didn't deter Jeremy:), he found Dr. Gray on facebook and contacted her.  At that point she was mostly helping people homeschool but she said we should meet with her.

When we went down for Spring Break, we got a chance to meet her.  And at this point she decided to reopen her school for next year.  Get this, for grades K-2!  She wanted God to lead the students so she just let him bring the ages he wanted.  Lo and behold, it's just the grades we needed!

Dr. Gray is a chiropractor and she had homeschool her three children.  Her office is set up as the school and she does adjustments in the afternoons after school. She is a Godly woman and she goes to a church that we've heard a lot about and are planning on visiting.  She showed us around and then we sat down in one of the classrooms and just talked.  She gave us her philosophy and what she hoped to instill in the kids.  We.loved.her.  She plans to do charlotte mason and classical and sonlight, all mixed and balanced:)  Gracie and Piper will be in the same classroom!  We are so excited about that.  There are only three families currently enrolled for next year, and we are fine with that.

After we talked she told us she wanted to take us to the north campus.  I had no idea what that meant:)  We get there and it's on her parent's land.  Her dad built her a little schoolhouse!  And there's a playground.  She said this is where they would eat lunch and spend the afternoons.  Oh my goodness, it's a nature wonderland!  There are nature trails, a pond, chickens, a greenhouse, a garden, a goldfish pond, and probably more I am forgetting.  Dr. Gray says kids need to be outside and learning!  We couldn't agree more.  The girls will LOVE this.  I can't wait for the to see it.

When we came home and told the girls about the school, they wanted to go see it and meet Dr. Gray.  They were shy, of course.  Gracie decided to call it fake school.  Why? Because she says it's so small:)  But it will be right up her alley.

More of God's Story.....

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