Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day!

We had our last homeschool day a few weeks ago!  The last one for a while since the girls are going to a five day cottage school next year!

Usually we work at the table or the bar.

                                                 Pipes was working hard this day:)

These pictures are lousy.  Sorry about that.  Remember what I did to my lens?:)  And I didn't have time to edit these.  Maybe I'll fix them sometime.  Or, not.

                                     She's so funny.  Usually she's getting into something during
                                              school.  So we try to do it during her nap:)          

My sweet Gracie girl.  She worked so hard this year!  There was SO much growth!
And she made straight A's!!

Pipe is pretty smart:)  I can't wait to watch her blossom on kindergarten!

It's been a great year!  As always, homeschooling comes with it's challenges and blessings.  Liberty Prep was a huge success!  We loved it!!  And we will miss it!

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