Monday, August 20, 2012

Summa Time!

Hey you!  How has your summer been?  Ours has been super crazy and full of fun and family and friends.  It has absolutely flown by!  I know the majority of you are back in school today, we have one more week and then we are back to the grind too.

As usual, I have tons to catch up on.  A whole summers worth!  We've had lots and lots of trips and friends coming to visit in between.  And a certain little girl turned three. Three. Unbelievable.

So, let's get started on this summer....

The girls got out of school and we headed to Oak Island to be with my family for 10 days.  It was so much fun to be together.  We all miss them, bad.

Lauren and I had the bright idea of taking them on a paddle boat ride shortly after we got there.  Ummm, whoa. Hot sun, against the ocean current, the kids were bored, and it was HARD to paddle.  I sure don't remember it being that hard as a kid:)

Sunday, Father's Day, we headed to Lake Waccamaw to spend the day with Ron and Wanda.  I know, leaving the beach to go to the lake..who does that?!  But we did and we had a blast.

Our first tubers ready to go....

We have worn out these jet skis this summer!

Cousin Danielle and Reese

One of my most favorite pictures, ever.

The girls love driving the jet skis.

Bella and Nanny

Papa took a turn pulling Papaw.  It was the battle of who could wear the other out.

Papaw and all his grands:)

Papaw vs. Papa

Nicole, and Tristen

 Mia and Uncle Chris

Papa thinks he's the man

This is Jeremy and Eric trying their hardest to stay on.  I think we eventually got them off, but it was hard work

This is how my girls spend most every weekend.  We are addicted to the water, and our new boat:)

More of Jeremy and Eric

Almost got them

Reese is the first one on, fearless that kid

The girls turn

Bella Boo

That concludes days 1&2:)

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