Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Whoa! I am really behind on posting. Hang in there and I'll catch it up:)

In Sept, we went on our annual beach trip with the Lucas'. It was a blast as usual!
We had some serious boogie boarders this time

The kids stayed in the water the whole time! It was chilly.

Pipes wasn't in the water as much as the rest of them. But she would go as long as Daddy was by her side.
The Lucas'
The Gibsons minus a sleeping Reese:)
This is how Reese spent most of her time on the beach. I love this sling!


Denise said...

Aren't slings just THE BEST? She looks so comfy... And girl, you look amazing in that bathing suit!!! How come your pregnancy weight comes right off and your legs looks so good? What's your secret?

Lindsay said...

Denise, you are too kind. I just deleted the pics that show my fat belly:) Had to buy jeans two sizes bigger than I wear just the other day:) Keep thinking I need to get my behind in gear and work hard like you to get my body back! SO the secret is....take pics that are flattering:)) aka, hide in the sand like I did:)

And yes, I am making goat's milk formula. No it's not hard at all! I thought it would be, but I have been pleasantly surprised. We are just starting though. And adding it in slowly.