Sunday, October 18, 2009

40 Days for Life

It's time again for the 40 Days for Life campaign.
This is an opportunity to go out to abortion clinics to pray and intervene on behalf of these innocent babies who are being murdered. If you aren't sure what I am talking about, go to their website and click on the abortion label on the left side of my blog.

I had the opportunity to go out to the clinic this past week with two friends and all of our kids

This little shirt says it all
The clinic has gotten really strict with prolifers because we are hurting their business! Praise God!

You can't get on the grass in front of this sign or they will call the cops and have you arrested. And yes, I am serious. Just for praying and talking to people peacefully.
Here are some of the materials that are handed out to people going in.

Kim and Cindy outside the clinic. It's so hard to smile out here. But God's grace and love are real. We want to demonstrate God's love and grace to these hurting men and women.

I left the picture out accidentally, but there is a security guard that parks his SUV right in the parking lot where we are standing. He sits out there and play the most offensive music I have ever heard. It's blaring. Why? So they women inside are less likely to change their minds due to the appeals of people standing outside advocating for their unborn children.
Luckily, I had my iphone with me so we listened to my ipod instead of his music.

Do you see how much satan is at work? Please get out to a clinic near you and pray! You don't have to confront people, just be there in peaceful protest for these innocent little ones who are being dismembered right inside those doors. Many times you don't even realize you just drove by an abortion clinic. Just look it up in your phonebook or google it. Unfortunately, they are very easy to find. 40 Days continues through the first week of November. So get out there! We are God's human rights group, the church!

Lives are being changed. There have been several saves in Charlotte already! The other day, they had five!! That's so exciting!! Babies were rescued and so were moms and dads. I don't know a single woman that has had an abortion and hasn't regretted it. And many dads regret it as well. The other day there was a dad down on his knees outside of the clinic begging his girlfriend not to go inside. We need to be there interceding for these people.

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