Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Reese

Our friends and family had a shower for little Reese a few weeks ago....

Nanny and Tristen
Amanda and Lauren
My friend Ryan with Reesee
Gracie girl, doing her favorite thing
We were so blessed with tons of clothing, which we needed. None of the other girls had 3-6 month winter clothes. And diapers. And my favorite gift of all was this beautiful blanket.

Danielle made it. She is nine years old and she has been working on it since she found out I was pregnant. Her Grandma has been teaching her how to knit and this is her first piece. I know, seriously, it is priceless. It is perfect in every way, although Danielle says there are flaws. I don't see any!
Here is precious Danielle holding Reese in her warm cozy blankie:) She sleeps under it at night.

Thank you to all of you for blessing us as we add this third little girl to our family.

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Kelly said...

Danielle loved being able to hold Reese in the blanket that she made. She also felt very honored to be on your blog.