Friday, July 18, 2008

Bee Bee

This is Pipey, and these are her bee bees.She was given this one when she was born and quickly got attached to it.
Mommy decided we must have more than one cause the thought of losing it...whoa, traumatic.
So we had two for a while, then we lost the first one and just found it a month ago in a drawer in the guest room.  Go figure.  So I ordered another one, because you must have two at all times.  One gets left, you have to have one while the other one gets washed.... You know how I am about germs.
But she has only ever thought we had one.  I kept the other ones hidden in my drawer.  That is until a month ago when she found the original one.  Then two weeks ago she was "dusting" my dresser and she opened the drawer, and to her amazement there was another BEE BEE!!!!  SO now she has all three!  What's a mom to do?  She loves them so, I just can't bear to rip them from her.  See how worn and cared for they are?
  So she gets to sleep with all three and two of them have to stay in her bed at all times, only one out of the crib:)

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Jeanie said...

Thats so funny! Alathea is the same way- she LOVES her bunny & paci's (I know she's 2 and still has a pacifier...we're getting to that :). She won't accept her duplicate bunny- only the dirty, smelly, "much loved" original. That makes me very scared to take it out of the house. If I lost it I'm not sure what would happen!