Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Day...

For my littlest sister:)  She graduated today with her Master's!!  Congrats Abbie, we are thrilled for you!

Jeremy, the girls, and I headed to Boone to watch Ab graduate from Appalachian State University.
Here she is getting her hood!  How exciting!!
Shaking the chancellor's hand
Meemaw, Abbie, and Eric
Mimi, Abbie, and Eric.  Eric is Abbie's new boyfriend:)
Mom, Dad and Ab
Her biggest fans:)  Piper, Gracie and Tristen
And we really love her too!  Lauren and I with Abbie
Huge congrats Sis!!!  We are so very proud of you and the gifts the Lord has given you.  Abbie got her masters in education and she is currently teaching kindergarten.

Love you!

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