Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Killing Time

Whether it's our little pool outback, Nanny's pool, the Neese's pool, or the country club pool, we have been passing time waiting on Baby G by swimming lots!

Jeremy was cleaning out the shed and the girls begged him to blow this pool up. We couldn't believe they wanted to play in this one when we can go to Mom's. But they played in it for 2 days, 4 hours each day!! They had a ball:)

Lucas, Tristen, Gracie, and Ellie
The country club pool....

The girls have grown in leaps and bounds this year with their swimming. Gracie is jumping off the diving board and swimming the whole length of the pool with no flotation device!! So very proud of her! And she is working on her strokes too.
Believe it or not, Piper is the cautious one around water. But she is getting more and more brave, jumping off the side and all that good stuff.


And no, Baby Girl Gibson does not have a name yet! Yikes!! We are going to make a decision when we see her precious little face. I don't think that's going to make it any easier though! We have some ideas, but nothing seems to be "the one." And we really differ on what we like. So pray for us! That God would give us a name!

Five more days till my due date. Totally thought the babe would be here by now. Piper was 12 days early, and well I thought this one would be early too. I wasn't banking on 12 days, but more than 5:) Everyone else seemed to think I was going to go early too. I've had some labor signs for a week now, so it's getting a little old. I'm was 2 cm last Thurs and had my membranes stripped. I went that very night that I had them stripped with BOTH of the girls. Baby, what is up? I even had contractions last night for 3 hours, five mins apart. But then they died:(

I know she will come when she is ready and that God knows the perfect day for her! Just tired and done!! Baby G, your eviction papers are getting ready to be served:)

We would appreciate your prayers for:
1. A name for this little one
2. A safe and healthy delivery
3. That I can breastfeed this time
4. Smooth transition for Gracie and Piper. They are SO excited and I think they will do really well.
5. Our time as a family of 5 before Jeremy goes back to work. He is going to take a week off.
6. Homeschooling! Oh my, our first year with a two week old!!
7. Getting back into the groove of things. I tend to fall apart after delivery:( I usually get mastitis, and other infections from breastfeeding, and I had the postpartum blues really bad after Gracie. With Piper I took hormonal supplements but I found out they decrease your milk supply. That's exactly what they did with Piper, but I felt so much better as far as the baby blues went. SO this time I am going without the supplements in hopes of being able to breast feed. It's not a hill I am ready to die on, but it's so much cheaper not to have to buy formula! And cheaper is pretty important these days.

We covet you prayers and your friendships!

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