Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lazy 5 Ranch

This sweet lady is Aunt Mary. She is Jeremy's great aunt. Every year for her birthday she has a party somewhere really fun, for the whole family:) She is one of nine children! So there's her brothers and sisters and their children, and their children, and their children..when we get together. This year Aunt Mary chose the Lazy Five Ranch for the big day! We've never been there before.
We boarded a wagon and off into the jungle we went! Okay, it wasn't a jungle but you know what I mean:) We were armed with buckets of feed and instructed on how to feed each kind of animal.

Isn't God so creative?

Love this ones eyes.
Zebras! They aren't very nice apparently so we couldn't get too close.
At first the girls were scared of the animals. I mean, they come RIGHT up to you! It was a little crazy. You wouldn't be paying attention and then all of a sudden there was a water buffalo breathing down your back!

Eventually they got into it and enjoyed feeding them
A water buffalo
Look at the tongue:) They just hold their mouth open and you drop the food right in. The animals know just what to do!
Piper is sitting on cousin Danielle's lap
Wow. A Giraffe
Okay, I knew they were tall, but seriously....they.are.tall. And it deserves two pictures because he was so amazing.

This is Luther, the 3600 pound rhino
Okay, the tongue of all tongues!! It was a foot and a half long they said!! I thought Mary needed a birthday kiss from him:))
I think these were the most beautiful animals. Apparently they are a little aggressive so we didn't get too close.

What a fun day! Thank you so much Aunt Mary! Happy Birthday!!

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