Monday, May 6, 2013

Update: The BIG one

     Today, Jeremy started a new job!  It has been a grueling 5 weeks as we have prayed and questioned and Jeremy has worked from noon till night trying to find the right job for our family.  Unbelievably, he had tons of interviews and four job offers. We couldn't be more humbled by God's kindness and I couldn't be more proud of Jeremy's hard work and diligence.  Looking for a job is much harder than having one.  I mean that!  It's an all day, non stop event:)

    I really had one major prayer request for the Lord after facing our second job loss in two years.  Lord, please, please make it clear where we are to go this time.  And He did.  All of the job offers were in Charlotte.  Each and every door here in Wilmington was closed for interviews.  At one point we thought there was a possibility we would be staying because one of the companies (that's based in Charlotte) wanted him to work here, but they ended up changing their plan. So it ended up that all four offers were in Charlotte. He is faithful.

    So we will be moving back home.  Charlotte has always been home to me.  And I am pretty sure that won't change. We are all happy to go back to our family and friends there. But, we have enjoyed Wilmington. We especially cherish our friends here.  To say we are sad to leave them is an understatement.

   Someone said to me the other day, "Are you excited?  You look like you're not too sure."  Ha! I am excited, but I feel like I just got whiplash.  It's hard not to question what tha heck just happened:)  I do know some of the lessons God has taught us through this, and I am sure there are more to come.

  Could you pray for us?  This is three moves in two years. And we have a house to sell (we just bought it 1 year ago). I won't be able to move until it sells.  So we will be apart until then. And these girls LOVE their Daddy.

  So, above all, We have a job, we get to move home, and we are so so grateful that the Lord answered our very specific prayers!

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