Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More on the conference

 So, what did I learn while I was gone?  I learned a lot, but one of the most important things was about me.  As I sat in the sessions, I became more and more convicted about the lack of purposeful time I spend with my girls.  As I already told you, I was rather frazzled for the first day and a half of the conference, so every time I thought about how little time I spend with the girls I wanted to bust out in tears.  I had a talk with my friend about it and she reminded me not to be condemned, but to learn the lesson and move on.  So God was kind to help me grieve my sin and help me move on.
  It is just amazing, the gift of schooling children at home and being able to be with them so much of the day.  Talk about quality time and child training!  So as these men and women told their stories I was so saddened by my lack of attention to my girls.  I am usually running around the house doing stuff.  So I have made myself a pact to get home and change this!  How?  Well, first I am doing a lot of praying about how to change.  I have noticed that God has been working on my heart with this even before the conference started.  I have really been enjoying the girls more over the past few weeks.  They are such precious gifts to me.  One thing I have been trying to be diligent about is paying attention to them more when they ask me to help and not just say "in a minute." 
 For starters,  I bought a tea set:)  I am so excited about this!  Gracie and Piper love to have tea parties.  Meemaw does this with them alot.  So I thought this would be a great tradition to start with them.  I bought a book on how to do them and it has recipes in it.  So I'll give a report after our first tea party:)
  I would appreciate your prayers if you think of it.  For God to help me to give my children quality time that they deserve.  For me to fight against my selfishness and put them first during the day.


Shawnda said...

I'm loving reading what you learned...just wish I would have been there learning it with you! BUT I know my place was here - it was better for our whole family : ) Looking forward to getting those CD's and listening! Thanks for sharing the story of the guy in your comment - POWERFUL!!!!! Praise GOD!

Denise said...

Thank you so much for stopping by - and for the prayers! They are a balm to my soul when I am often tempted to fear.

The tea set? A marvelous idea!!! I think your girls would love it, just by virtue of the fact of how MANY little girls love tea parties. A Mother's Day many years ago my 4 sisters & I had a tea with my mom, and we've continued it LONG after that, and my sister now does them with her 4 & 2 yr old girls. They talk for DAYS in advance about them (the "planning" is part of the fun). You three can have such sweet times of mother/daughter bonding. The Lord will honor your heart. Even if tea gets spilled, the girls don't really "like" the treats that may accompany it, or someone falls off their chair and hurts themselves: it's the heart of the matter. Which of course you know. Just want to know your taking action in what you heard is a great example of James 1:22. Stay strong & God bless.

Dave's Girl said...

What kindness of God to redirect our straying priorities. What an awesome privilege we have to be near them all day. I will be praying for you.