Thursday, May 15, 2008

We are alive!

Forgive me for my lack of posts the past few weeks. My computer was REALLY acting up and it was virtually impossible to blog. I have lots of catching up to do!
I got a new computer for Mother's Day.  A Mac!!!  I am so thrilled!  But I gotta learn how to use it:)  I am used to PCs.  So bear with me.
I think I'll start with today and blog backwards for a change.

Very Important news!!!  Today at McDonalds they are doing free chicken sandwiches when you buy a large or medium drink.  Yep, it works, did it for lunch!  It's a good samdwich too, I think.  There didn't seem to be a limit, so load up the kiddos and get cheap dinner.
AND Dunkin Doughnuts is giving away free iced coffees today from 10 am-10 pm.

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The Dahl Family said...

So Lindsay how do you get all this info. so fast??