Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pool by Day...

How we spent our days...

Laying out soaking up the sun
Abbie, Erik, Jeremy, Lauren, and Chris

This is corn hole.  A game where you throw bean bags in to that hole.  It's addicting!  We played all week long!  Even Meemaw:)

Jeremy and Erik

Dinner by Night....
Mom and Mimi
Lauren and Meemaw
Abbie, Meemaw, and Erik
The Looper gang

We had Puerto Rican cuisine this night, out by the sea.  It was really good!   

Interesting things about eating in PR....
  Their main meat is pork.  
  They eat plantains about 100 different ways.  At the PR restaurant lots of the family got Mafongo.  That is plantains made into a dressing sort of dish.  They said it was really good.
  There are NO refills on your drinks.  Not even at McDonalds!  That was so weird to pay for each and every glass.
  Everything is a la carte.  So it's pretty expensive to eat there.
  They have lots of American restaurants, but they don't taste as good, not even close.  We went to Chili's, McDonald's and Burger King at different points.
  It takes a really long time to get your food.  I guess they are just more laid back about meal times.  Even if we weren't all together it would take just as long.  Not a big deal, we weren't in a hurry.
  If you want anything extra, like more butter for your bread, that will be $2 dollars!  They charge you for everything, literally.

  Just in case you were wondering why we didn't go all-inclusive, there aren't any resorts that do that in PR.

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