Monday, June 22, 2009

Puerto Rico #2

Here is where we spent most of our the pool

There was a really fun slide!  That's my Dad
The pool felt soooo good!  This is Jenna (my cousin), me, Mimi, Meemaw, Jeremy and Abbie
Meemaw and Dad
My Aunt Pam.  I just love this picture of her

The water was beautiful and the snorkeling was good.  Here the guys are investigating the fish I think....Chris, Jeremy, Dad, and Erik

  There are no private beaches in PR.  So even at the resort, we had to share the beach with the natives.  Most of the beach is rocky.  So there was only a small part that was sand. But it was a nice beach.

The weather while we were there was not the greatest.  It rained on and off every day except the first day.  So there wasn't a ton of sun to be had.  But that was okay with us cause it kept the heat down.  Sometimes we would just sit out in the rain and wait for it to pass.  

The temperature was perfect.  It was in the mid 80s and there was a constant breeze up at the pool.  So, that is where we parked for the week:)  I stayed in the water alot.  I feel lighter in there:)

Jeremy loves to snorkel, so he spent a good part of the week in the ocean.  And he got very burnt the first day:(  Poor guy has second degree burns on his shoulders.  And yes, I did put sunscreen on him, twice.  But it wasn't enough SPF for my farmer's-tanned white boy.

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Spirit of Adoption said...

oh man! that looks like an AMAZING time!!!! : ) I love you in your cute little swimsuit w/ your precious preggo belly! TOO CUTE!