Thursday, February 11, 2010

Six Months

Our little punkin pie is six months old today!!!
She's growing lots! Weighing in at 17.5 lbs these days. Soon I'll have to take a picture of those chunky thighs so you'll believe me:)
Still just on goat's milk formula and thriving on it. I will get around to feeding her some rice cereal soon:)

She's been loving the Bumbo seat over this past month. What in the world did I do without that thing with the other two??? She loves to sit in it on the kitchen counter where she is up high and can see all the goings on.

Still smiling and cooing tons. Sweet. Girl.

We have two teeth now! They are precious. Have to get pics of that too for you.

Still a great sleeper.

She gave us a scare about three weeks ago. She got RSV. I think I am the one who started it with a bad cold. Then all of us got it. But for a baby her age, it's pretty sad:( We were in the Drs office 4 out of five days and doing nebulizer treatments. She was such a trooper. And now we are all much better.

Loves her big sisters, but isn't too keen on them holding her anymore. It makes Gracie really sad:( She asked me the other day why Reese didn't like her anymore:( Broke my heart. I assured her that wasn't the case!

Her eyes are still so blue. Hopefully they will stay.

Reese Leigh is a total joy!

Stay tuned, I am sure she's gonna say "momma" soon:))

These pictures were taken by Lucy

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Shawnda said...

She's such a little beauty!!!! ; )