Friday, February 5, 2010

The GREAT Snow!!

WOW!! That was one FUN snow!!
We got four inches over here at our house.
We went out early on Saturday with the neighborhood gang.
Even Reesee got all bundled up!
Pipes likes the snow for a little while and then she's ready to come in:)
Mr. Lucas pulling Ellie, Gracie, and Connor
Jeremy and Gracie stayed out ALL day. They had a blast!
Gracie and Connor were the first to go down. Tim pushed them and quickly realized they were headed right for the creek! He took off after them but he was too late. They went right over the creek and took a spill on the other side. They were both crying, but they got over it quick:)
Jeremy and Matt try out the new sleds.

Tracie in on the action
Even Reese went down. And she liked it!

Jeremy decided he would "ski" down.
Uh huh

Sunday night, we went to Mom and Dad's to sled. They have some great hills. The only problem...there's a pond at the bottom. So the guys stayed at the bottom to catch us. We did lose the sled to the water once.
Aunt Abbie with her girls
Lauren, Bella, and Gracie. Bella not like:)
We went sledding for over 2 hours!!

Oh man it was fun!! What a treat, the snow actually stuck around for a few days:)

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