Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Update

Okay, I cannot believe it's been a MONTH since I've updated this thing! I have lots of posts to write, just haven't had the time to do it. So sorry to my faithful readers. They are coming!

First, I should update you on several things going on around here.
It seems like it's been an unusually busy season of life this winter.

Jeremy is doing well. Working a ton! He is super busy at work and has some side projects going on too. One of them is Lauren and Chris' addition:)

Financial Peace: Have you taken this class??? If you haven't, you need to! Jeremy and I are taking it at church. I have learned a ton! Jeremy has always been pretty wise with money, I am the one who needs the learnin around here. And to be honest, I am pretty motivated these days, the economy hasn't done us any favors. We go to class every Tuesday night and then we have homework to do throughout the week. We have a pretty tight budget and some major debt to pay down! So I am learning how to help Jeremy with the finances in the midst of all this. Just when I want to throw up my hands and say "FORGET IT!!!," God humbles me. He even provided a little extra money this month we weren't help pay some BIG medical bills we weren't expecting. He is faithful, even when I am not. Our favorite new saying is, "Dave Ramsey says..." before we do something:)

My health: I started seeing an accupuncturist back in December. For my migraines. I think this is the ticket! This office has it together! The program is pretty comprehensive. It includes treatments and a major nutrition overhaul. sigh. I went in for a four week evaluation period and then they laid out a plan for me. They think it will take a year for me to be in the maintenance phase of treatment. That means, at least 80% of my initial complaints will be better. Read: HUGE time commitment and a LOT of money. We prayed about it, talked it over together and with friends, and decided to go for it. Jeremy is so gracious with me. I am super expensive. I go in twice a week. (See why it's unusually busy around here:))

Now for the nutrition part: This is the hardest part for me. I don't like to have self control when eating. I want to eat.whatever.I.want. That just doesn't jive with my head apparently. We are seeing that I have some major food sensitivities. Bummer. So here is the list of no-no's. I tell you this so you can keep me accountable and pray for me. If you see me eating something I shouldn't, take it from me! I am serious! Okay, NO dairy, ice cream included; no refined sugar; no white bread, potatoes, pasta, etc...; no tomatoes, no coffee, no hotdogs or anything like that cause they are loaded with msg and other preservatives; no caffeine; nothing raw, all food needs to be cooked (for digestion reasons); pretty much nothing prepackaged; no fried foods; no enriched wheat products; very little eggs; eliminate excessive meats. SEE why I need your prayers and accountability:)

What I can have: whole grains, cabbage, beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, papaya, cranberries, pears, pineapple, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, LOTS of water, vegetables galore. For breakfast I am supposed to have warm, cooked grains, or juice something. For lunch- soups, but not the creamy ones, I have to have the brothy ones. And I am supposed to eat an apple a day.

By God's grace, I have done pretty well. I can't believe how much I have eliminated! I still cheat, but it's waaayyyy better than it used to be. I am a junk food junkie at heart.

The big question....Have I been able to tell a difference? The answer to this is a big YES! I can tell that my body is detoxing, I am a little less moody:), and I've lost a teeny bit of weight. As far as the migraines go, I have weeks where I don't have any and I have weeks where I've had as many as three. It's a rollercoaster, but it's usually my fault for eating something I shouldn't. Lots of times I don't even realize I shouldn't have eaten it until it's too late. So it can get quite discouraging at times.

With all that has been going on, I want to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am for an amazing husband, friend, and sister, and mom. Without them, seriously, I could not do these things. Jeremy serves our family selflessly day in and day out. He is such a great dad to the girls and he helps me as much as he can around the house. He is really busy but he never complains when I need extra help. I am so grateful. Kim, oh my, Kim watches my kids several times a week for all the appointments I have going on. I keep telling her Reese is going to start calling her Momma! Thank you so much friend! And Lauren, she watches my girls a ton too. Thank you a million for all you do for my family. Mom, Mimi- they watch our girls every Tuesday night for financial peace. The girls cherish their time with you both. And Jeremy and I love getting to see you too. Thank you SO much. Mom also fills in when I need her for my accupuncture appointments. It is truly humbling to watch you all serve our family so much. Big jewels for your crowns in heaven! No lie.

I have lots more updates to write to you, and pictures to share. Stay tuned!

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