Friday, March 19, 2010


Lookie who's SEVEN months old!!!

Check out those baby blues:)
As you can see, we have started feeding this chunky monkey some rice cereal. Most of it ends up on here bib or on me, but hey, it's a start. She gets super excited when she sees me making her cereal and one day she attacked me for it!

My guess is she weighs at least 18.5 pounds by now. We'll know more when I take her on Monday for her six month check-up. ahem.
Still a total delight and full of smiles. This little girl has four teeth now! See?

She still resides in our arms most of the time:) I know, we just can't put her down! But I have tried to do that more this past week. She has enjoyed rolling around on the floor and slobbering all over her toys:) Still no sitting, etc...

I promise in my next post about her, I will prove to you she is indeed a chunk! I know it doesn't look like it cause she has a little head, but just wait till you get a load of those thighs!!

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Spirit of Adoption said...

She's getting so big, Lindsay!!!! And BEAUTIFUL!