Thursday, June 24, 2010


Deese is ten and a half months old! Bella, my little niece calls her Deese, so it stuck:)

She finally started saying "Da Da and Ma Ma" this week! I am sure Jeremy would want you to know that she said Da Da first:)

She skipped right over baby food and went straight to table food. She likes it in chunks, nothing runny, not even applesauce. She's very clear when she doesn't want something. She refuses to open her mouth and she turns her head. She loves cheerios. And she likes to pick up her food by herself with those chubby little fingers.

Still not crawling, but starting to scoot across the floor...when she is actually on the floor, which isn't often:) MiniMe usually has her.
And that leads me to my next point, this kid is rotten, rotten, rotten! She is so used to being held that it's very difficult to put her down. And forget about leaving the room! I am working on this:) But...babies don't keep:) So we'll probably continue to hold her and spoil her to pieces. Just cause.

She has six teeth and more on the way.

Remember last time I updated and said that Gracie was concerned Reese didn't like her? Well now Reese will reach for her. It's so precious.
She still really prefers her mommy, but Gracie is a very close second.

Cannot believe I will be planning her first birthday soon!

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