Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Redneck Garden Gate

We needed a fence for our garden to keep the deer out. Jeremy, with a little help from me, spent most of the weekend constructing our fence. We used stuff we had on hand to save money. I love how Jeremy can rig anything up:) Okay, lots of times I don't love how he does that, but I do appreciate how he can fix just about anything!:)

So here we have our redneck garden gate...a Jeremy special.
Everytime I have to open that thing, I just shake my head and smile. I shake my head that it's so rigged and a little bit of a pain. But then I smile because I am so grateful for my husband and his desire to serve me.
At least the things growing inside our redneck fence are producing good fruit!

Thank you honey for my redneck garden gate!

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