Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Third Born

My Third Born.....
                                                            She is 18 months old
                                                                She's a spit fire
Oh how we love her so

                                                             She's finally walking
And she does lots of talking

And lots and lots of drooling

She says Mama, Daddy, Pipey, Papaw, Nanny, Papa, Abbieeee,
O-pen, Pees (please), tank you, mil (milk), nana (banana), baby, Bella, and her favorite, Reilly

She's a pretty happy girl

She definitely gives us a run for our money

She LOVES to go outside

And she LOVES shoes

And she loves, loves her Daddy

And this is what she does when she wants us to hold her.  Priceless indeed.

She's playful

And joyful.

We Love you, Our Third Born


Topharmers Wife said...

She is precious! Those pictures are great, I just want to scoop her up!

laura said...

Love the pictures Lindsay! She is so adorable!