Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Pipey turned Five, FIVE two weeks ago!  She wanted a Rapunzel party.  I was happy to oblige.

There were lanterns, of course!  Rapunzel's mom and dad sent lanterns into the air every year on her birthday while she was missing

Pipey and Mimi

Purple flags, and lots and lots of hair:)

Little sailboats. Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder went out on the water to watch the lanterns go up.
 Piper's castle cake
 Can't have a party for Piper without candy...
 Thanks to Gamma, we had hair everywhere!  I thought she was going to kill me when she started working on this.  It was time consuming and really hard.  It gets really, well, tangled easily.

 I love him.  He's so cute.
 Love Papaw and his littlest grandbaby.
 This is my favorite picture.  I love so much about it.  My fun Dad pushing the girls way high, Look at Piper protecting her little sister.  Love Reese's face.  And Alathea's:)

Jackson, Lucas, and Aiden, oh and Ellie down there:)

 The kids painted, like Rapunzel painted her castle walls.
 They took it seriously.

 Faith Madeline:)

 Love Rachel's hair!

Jeremy and I took her out to breakfast on her birthday.  We had a chance to tell her what we loved about her.  Daddy said he loved her big brown eyes and how she loves to help mommy.  I told her I loved how she likes to spend time with me and I love to hear her sing.  (She is always singing) We told her we love her smile and how she helps with Reese.  She has become really tender.

Piper girl, we love you sweet pea.  You have blossomed into such a sweet girl.  You love to be with your mommy and you need cuddle time and just quality one on one time.  You are full of life!

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Kim said...

Precious party! Piper is such a beautiful little girl. Even though I don't "know" her . . . I can see that she loves life. When she smiles her whole face shines - something about those eyes! I'm sure you had lots of fun planning the party:) GREAT JOB!!!