Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Motorcycle Man

Hellloooooo!!!  I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I've been on here:(  Please know I am so sorry!  I have lots to write about.  I think I should change the blog to the Gibson's house of chaos:)  That's what it's feeling like lately with all that's going on.  And I've promised to be open on here, so please pray for us.  We are in the midst of helping a family in crisis, figuring out our move, traveling, and working on photography.  Whew!

So as my first post back, I introduce to you, my motorcycle man!
Jeremy has wanted a motorcycle for as long as I've known him.  I've always told him no!  I am a nurse, and I've seen the destruction they can cause.  But love overruled on this one.  The man almost never buys anything for himself, so I was happy for him to have this toy.
 He was all smiles:)

He's never driven one before that I know of.  He grew up with dirt bikes.  His dad did have a motorcycle but as soon as he learned that Jeremy wanted to ride it, he sold it the next day.  True story!

This weekend we are taking a class for motorcycle safety.  Lord help me.

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