Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We've had a crazy busy summer!  Here are some random pictures from my phone.  There are more on my camera but I haven't gotten that far:)

The Balts' came to visit us three weeks ago....All the babies love riding the golf cart to the pool!

We spent most of our days at the pool

Ellie Bellie

Deese, who will be TWO tomorrow!!


We went to dinner at a place that's right on the beach.  LOVED that!  And so did all the littles.

We have a nice little park in our neighborhood.  I took the girls one morning and a helicopter landed to airlift someone to Chapel Hill.  So sobering.

It was a lot closer than it looked

One afternoon, Reese was up and the big girls were napping.  So we spent time outside coloring.

More pool time.  Love their expressions.

Errand running here is an all day affair.  A few weeks ago I asked Reese if she wanted to get in the ergo.  She fell asleep in Wal-mart, I put her back in her carseat and got her back out for Home Depot.  She never woke up until I put her back in the car after Home Depot.  SO sweet!  I cherish these times.

You can't really tell here, but the water at the beach last week looked like caribbean water!  It was cloudy but those beautiful colors.  These are the Lucas boys:)

And my sweet baby Mia.  I love her.  She is 3 months old already

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