Saturday, August 20, 2011


On the 11th, our little Reesee turned TWO!  So hard to believe.

She is still as spunky as ever.  I don't know how the Lord puts that much spunk and sweetness into one little girl!  One minute she's having a fit and the next she's grabbing your face to kiss you.

Reese is in the 50th percentile for height and weight, but everyone talks about how tall she is for her age.  So, I don't know.  But I think she's tall too.

She is saying all kinds of adorable things now. For a while every word ended in "uh."  So it was cup-uh, spike-uh.  Then everything had an "ee" sound on the end.  Many of these, she still uses.  Like Poppy, Pipey, uppey, cuppy.  For hello she says, "A yo" and for yes she says, "yah" and nods her head really hard.  Jeremy fusses at me for not making her say yes ma'am, but the "yeah" is so darn cute.   For please, she says "pees."  She's really good at saying thank you(tank too)!  Her first sentence was "I want down." And she loves to say "no no gay kee (Gracie)." She has started sucking her thumb in the past several months.  She is madly in love with her Papaw and Poppy.  And Nanny and Gramma are close behind.

I just squeeze her all day long!  Can't get enough of this little toddler!

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