Thursday, October 6, 2011


A few weeks ago, Kim and I went to Austin TX to see our dear friend Shawnda.
We miss her so!

It was a blast.

We shopped, and shopped and shopped.  They have some really awesome second hand stores and we racked up.  Kim wanted a cowgirl hat and boots so bad!  But she didn't have much luck:(

We would leave in the mornings and not come home till after midnight!  It was so nice just to take our time and hang out.  They have such a neat culture there in Austin.  The coffee shops even sell alcohol!  The girls were having gelato margaritas.  I was having a dublin Dr. Pepper.  Which means it was made with good ole sugar instead of junk.

You can't tell at all what this picture is, but we are standing on a bridge that has become a natural habitat for bats!  Every night at dusk millions and millions of them come out to feed.  It's quite the tourist attraction!  You can smell and hear them squealing and then they just start flying out like crazy!

Here we are at the airport getting ready to leave.

I really liked Austin.  Kim and I kept joking that we were out of place though.  It's so hip and eclectic.  And I am so not those things. But I love the local support and the healthy eating. The people in Austin support local restaurants.  So another words, don't even think about coming there if you are a chain.  They'll run you out!  They did it to cold stone creamery!  There are many restaurants where you get grass fed beef and ingredients that are grown on the property! Love.  You could even order gluten free hamburger buns at the restaurants!  whoa. And I could have all the Dublin Dr. Pepper I wanted:)

Can't wait to get back out there again to see our sweet friend!

*stinky photos courtesy of my iphone

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