Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Piper:: Gymnastics

I promise I haven't tried to neglect the blog lately, blogger hasn't liked me too much.  It doesn't always let me post.

Here is round 2 of extreme cuteness....Pipey's Gymnastics Class

We sit upstairs and overlook the floor through this chain link fence.  Bear with me, the first half are from my cell cause forgot my camera the first day.

This is warm-ups. And these girls get a workout!

Perfecting their splits

The bridge.  I can still do one:)  Piper makes me try.

She's pretty good!

Look at that cartwheel action

You can't really tell in this one but they are swinging into the pit

Girlfriend can do an awesome split. Both ways.  Whoa.

She loves it!  We love that she loves it!

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